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Rules & Regulations

Flower Policy

ALL flowers will be removed on the FIRST Friday of every month.

At no time will glass vases, baskets, bottles, jars, statues, pottery, wood stakes, steel stakes, garden art, windmill spinners, lights, flower ropes, balloons, or large flags be allowed. No above ground flower containers are permitted.

Flower Policy Handout with Dates 2024.pdf

Windchime Policy

Small chimes, not to exceed 16 inches (overall length) may be placed in trees, one chime per tree, at a maximum height of six feet from ground level. (In trees with lower branch structure only)  Any chime not meeting the above requirements will be removed.

No other items are to be placed in the trees.  No signs, lights, garden art, balloons, nails, screws, eye hooks, etc.

Only a partial list is included on this page, for a full list of our Rules and Regulations, please download the PDF below

Rules and Regs 2020.pdf